Precor 9.33 Premium Treadmill Review: A Buyer Guide

It’s difficult to commit to an exercise program when you have a busy schedule, but walking for just 30 minutes a day can already make such a huge difference in your overall fitness.Precor 9.33

Investing in exercise machines such as the Precor 9.33 Series treadmill is something that will truly benefit your health in the long run. Check its Latest Amazon Price

The Precor 9.33 boasts of an innovative design that adjusts belt speed to foot speed.

With speeds that can reach up to 12 mph, you can go as fast as you want and still get a safe and comfortable workout, thanks to its unique suspension system.

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Precor 9.33 Treadmill Features

  • Precor Treadmill weight: 400 pounds
  • Professional Quality
  • Adjustable innovative design
  • Speeds up to 12MPH

Programs: 16 Presets (incl. 1 Mile, 1 Heart Rate, 1 Manual, 2 Custom, 3 Walk, 3 Run, 1 Weight Loss and 5 & 10k courses).

Handheld Heart Monitor

Warranty: Lifetime on Frame, 1-yr Labor & 10yr Parts.

About the Precor 9.33 Treadmill

So far, this product only has 6 customer reviews on Amazon with an average rating of 5 out of 5 stars. Precor Treadmill Reviews – The Negatives To date, there are only 6 customer reviews for the Precor 9.33 on Amazon.

There doesn’t seem to be a single bad thing that people could say about this product. Perhaps after a while, we will start seeing a few bad reviews.

Then again, there seems to be very little chance of that happening considering Precor’s solid reputation.

We looked through every review and although some customers had units that started to show problems after a few years, Precor was always quick to provide assistance and honor the product warranty.

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Perhaps the only thing that would make you think second thoughts about this product is its rather steep price. But judging from all the reviews, the Precor 9.33 seems to be worth every penny.

It’s apparently a high-quality product designed to stand years of regular use. Most important, it appears that Precor is a company that truly stands behind their products.

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Precor Treadmill Reviews – The Positives

When it comes to the Precor 9.33’s strengths, there is plenty to say. The feature that most customers rave about is its suspension system.

It seems that no matter how hard or how fast you run on this treadmill, it feels effortless and comfortable.

Customers who are in their 50s and older genuinely appreciate this since it makes the treadmill very kind to their knees and joints.

They can work out for as long and as rigorously as they want with the very little risk of pulling a leg muscle or straining the joints.

Another thing that truly impresses customers is Precor’s level of customer service.

According to reviewers, people from Precor have always been pleasant to deal with and very efficient at assisting customers with their concerns.

In fact, there was one customer whose treadmill had started malfunctioning after 9 years of use.

(Precor 9.33 comes with a generous 10-year warranty).

One phone call to Precor and she was immediately offered repair service from a certified tech person for free.

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Would we recommend the Precor 9.33 Premium Series Treadmill to our readers? Absolutely, and here’s why: Needless to say, we were impressed with all the reviews we’ve read so far about the Precor 9.33.

Considering Precor’s stellar reputation, there is very little doubt in our minds about the authenticity of these customer reviews.

The Precor 9.33 sounds like a real workhorse—a massive duty machine that will give you years of service and years of fitness.

Thanks to its fantastic suspension system, even elderly people will find walks on the Precor 9.33 to be comfortable but challenging enough to help them stay fit.

Best of all, Precor is a highly reliable company that genuinely cares about its products and its customers.