Best Treadmills For Serious Runners- Reasons Why You Must Buy Them

If you are searching for best treadmills for serious runners then you must read this article.

It has been years I have been working out. I have been to a number of Gyms and trust me I have seen more than a thousand people working out.Treadmills For Long Distance Running

What I had lately learned is that there are different categories of the people who are working out on the treadmill.

There are some people who are just walking on the treadmill without any interest with an irritated expression on their faces, then there are people who are moderately interested to work out and after all of them I would talk about the people who are running on the treadmill with a whole heart and passion which we can actually term as serious runners.

The serious runners need a much stronger treadmill to work out and reach their goal.

So if you are one of them keep reading.

To make your choice easier I am providing you with a list of best treadmills for serious runners And will make you understand about the necessity features which is the best treadmills for Serious runner need to be worth buying.

Powerful commercial motor

The best treadmill for serious runners must have at least 3.0CHP Means continuous horsepower motor.

If you want to work out intensely or are you weight more then you should choose 4.0CHP. One more thing Only powerful motor is not enough, you should choose the best motor which has an effective cooling system to avoid burning of wires.

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Wide belt surface

A wide belt Support so much easier workout than the one on the smaller tread belts. Best treadmills for serious runners should have a 5 inch longer better than the walking treadmills. A wide tread belt Even avoids cramping.

High tech cushioning

Running on a treadmill can save you from outward hazards But also protects your limbs and joints.

The best treadmills for runners are equipped with a better cushioning system.

Their decks can absorb impact roughly up to 30% Effectively compared with the running on grass or hard Sir face.

Normally the cushioning is consistent throughout the length of the track.

Sometimes it is plush at the front and firmer at the end.

A few of word on and of cushioning too.

This feature is designed for serious runners who want to prepare themselves with the road like shock absorption For a competition.


The best treadmills for serious runners are build up for intense workouts and the treadmills really need to have lifetime warranties on the motor and frame and a few years warranty on the parts as well because they are used in vigorous workout routines.

Let us start with the treadmill is now

The first in the list is…

Proform Pro 2000 Treadmill

This treadmill has a 5-star rating. It comes with a strong motor of 3.5HP. The treadmill Offers a good range of incline and decline as well ranging from -3 to 15% with a good speed of maximum 12 mph.

It has a good running area of 22×60 inches In order to make your workout easier, it comes in a folding design in which makes it easier to store.

This treadmill is a package of features and is it worth being on the list of best treadmills for serious runners.

Proform Pro 2000


  • Lifetime warranty on frame and motor
  • Media-friendly
  • 32 inbuilt programmes
  • 7” work out screen
  • Foldable


  • In case of trouble, the return shipping is expensive
  • Slow customer service

Horizon Elite T9 Treadmill

This treadmill has a 5- star rating. It comes with a 2.7 5HP motors.

It Offers 15 levels of incline. This treadmill has a folding design in case of easy storage.

It offers you a top speed of 12 mph. It provides a great way to the capacity of 350 Lbs and the specialty is that it has 44 inbuilt programs is to make your workout more interesting.

Horizon Elite T9


  • 10-inch full-color display
  • USB and speakers
  • Lomond tenants
  • Has energy saver mode


  • Warranty is a bit less as compared to the price
  • Low customer service

Nordic Track Commercial 2950

This treadmill is the best choice one can make. It comes with a 5-star rating and has a very strong 4.25 Hp motor.

It offers a decline along with the incline ranging from -3 to 15%.

It has a wide running area of 22×60 inch.
It comes in a foldable design in case of easy storage.
It gives a top speed of 12 mph.
It has a weight capacity of 300 lbs.
It Also provides 44 in build programmes.
This treadmill completely fits all the needs of the best treadmills for serious runners.

Horizon Elite T9


  • Advanced cushioning
  • iFit enabled
  • Noise-free (whisper quiet deck)
  • Triple fan power
  • Lifetime warranty for motor and frame


  • Needs are more than two people to assemble

This is all I had to share. The choice is completely yours. It Was my responsibility to make you aware of the needs and the best treadmills for serious runners. Now, the decision is totally up to you.